In-person 3 day horse & hoof care workshop

Learn more about horse & hoof care than you ever thought possible!

This in-person 3 day horse & hoof care foundation workshop is the starting point to learn how to keep your horse barefoot and natural, for both owners and those who wish to become pro trimmers.


For owners and professionals to learn the foundation of natural horse & hoof care and maintenance trimming of the hoof

Key Features

3 days with the HMIS team immersed in learning about the natural hoof, diet and management

What's Included?

An eye opener!

"I attended one of their 3 day courses and it was an eye opener for me as a horse owner. The level of knowledge and experience of dealing with horses suffering from laminitis will hopefully help prevent any of my horses ever suffering from it! I’m also now confident looking after my own horses hooves! Amazing!"

Overview of the workshop

Learn about Natural Horse & Hoof Care from experienced HMIS barefoot specialist instructors.

Let them guide you over the course of 3 days on how to achieve optimum health for your horse and their hooves, through diet, management, basic trimming and horse handling.

By the end of the 3 days you’ll know:

  • what is meant by a species-specific diet
  • what constitutes an equine healthy hoof and how to recognise hoof pathologies
  • the anatomy of the lower leg
  • how to maintain your own horse’s hooves in-between professional trims

Changed my life!

"These guys are changing the world! Since following them and attending lectures, courses and presentations, I have come to truly appreciate their depth of knowledge and common-sense approach. I cannot believe what I did not know, even after 40 years with horses including BHS qualifications! It's a fantastic journey and HMIS is there to support you all the way. They have changed my life - and my horses' - forever. Goodbye laminitis and footsore horses! Hello happy, healthy, barefoot horses."

Be informed

This workshop will give you all the education and information you need to be able to have meaningful conversations with your vet, farrier/trimmer, body workers, and extended equine team.

The right trim

This workshop will show you the correct trim through theory and hands on cadaver trimming, in a safe and well controlled environment. This will enable you to maintain your horse’s hooves in-between pro trims.

Hoof problems

We encourage owners to come to the workshop with photos and videos of their own horses, so that we can advise you on the best way forward to help heal any problems your horse is facing – including laminitis and navicular.

Online Foundation Workshops (1)

Online courses

Can’t join one of our in-person workshops? No problem!

Now you can study horse & hoof care FROM HOME!

If you are unable to attend one of our in-person workshops, then you can now study these workshops from home by taking part in one of our ground-breaking online foundation courses.