Online Horse & Hoof Care Foundation Course

“If you care for the welfare of horses and want to do the best you can for them, this course is a must. Led by a passionate, knowledgeable and friendly team.”  Kelly, UK

Why do this course?

  • Explore the anatomy of the equine hoof
  • Help your horse stay barefoot & sound
  • Discover the correct equine diet
  • Understand the naturally balanced trim
  • Discuss your horse’s health confidently

Key Features

  • Two part course
  • Study at your own pace
  • Online pre-recorded lessons
  • Live sessions, articles & assignments
  • Hands-on cadaver hoof trimming

"This pioneering course smashes wide open the myths, confusion and false beliefs between traditional and natural hoof care"

"The equine world desperately needs well informed owners willing to take an active roll in their own horse's health and soundness"

The main areas covered...

Help your horse via online learning!

This science based online horse & hoof care foundation course will cover everything you need to know to help you keep your horse barefoot, healthy & sound.

You will be taught why hoof problems occur and how to stop them.

No longer will you be confused about hay, bagged feeds, grass and supplements, as we guide you through the best way to feed and manage your horse in a species-appropriate way.

Learn about track systems, the healthy gut and the cause of laminitis.

Be guided by our instructors on the importance of trimming to the horse’s natural constants, performing a naturally balanced trim, and learn how to maintain your own horse’s hooves yourself.

  • Part 1 – Self-study online lessons with additional live sessions with an HMIS instructor
  • Part 2 – Learn the basics of the naturally balanced barefoot trim, with self-study online lessons and additional practical sessions with an HMIS instructor
  • Evolution of the horse
  • The natural hoof
  • Hoof pathology
  • How to fix hoof problems
  • Equine gut, diet & management
  • Anatomy, shape & function
  • The healing pathway back to health
  • Horse handling & picking up feet safely
  • Helping your horse stand still
  • Trimming tools, equipment & safety
  • Shoe pulling
  • Guidelines of the naturally balanced trim
  • Maintaining your own horse’s hooves

IMPORTANT: this course is not a training program for pro trimmers. If you wish to learn to become a professional barefoot specialist then this course is the pre-requisite for being accepted onto our 2 year HMB Pro course.

Part 1 - Self-study

This initial part of the foundation course in horse & hoof care, will focus on why understanding the natural horse is paramount in keeping your horse healthy.

You will learn about common hoof issues, such as thrush, seedy toe, hoof cracks, navicular and laminitis, and how to help your horse by implementing a species-specific diet and management.

This self-study introduction to the foundation of natural horse & hoof care consists entirely of pre-recorded lessons, so you can go through them at your own pace.

We’ve also added lots of bonus articles, videos, and quizzes, to really help you understand your lessons.

After your self-study lessons you’ll be invited to book live sessions with an HMIS instructor to talk about your horse and any problems you would like help with.

Don’t forget… you can also access all your lessons via our dedicated HM mobile app!


Part 2 - Trimming

The second part of this foundation course will be learning more in depth about the naturally balanced trim.

You will have some self-study lessons covering how to handle your horse effectively, picking up feet safely and being able to assess your horse’s hooves.

For this practical part of the course, you will need to source 2 cadaver legs* which you will use whilst learning the foundation of nature’s trim. You will also need some basic trimming tools and protective clothing.

*don’t panic about the cadaver legs! It goes without saying that we can’t effectively teach you a ‘maintenance trim’ on live horses. Sourcing cadaver hooves isn’t as tricky as you might think – we will guide you – so don’t be put off!

All information you need will be given to you when you access part 2 after you have studied part 1.

Each part of this course comes with a guide book to help you get the most out of your course.

Live sessions

A unique element of this course are the live sessions with an experienced barefoot specialist HMIS instructor.

You’ll be able to discuss your horse live with your instructor and talk to other like-minded owners from all over the world.

During part 2 of this course, you’ll also be guided on how to implement a naturally balanced trim based on nature’s constants.

Yes it is totally possible to learn how to do a maintenance trim via online study! We’re not teaching you to be professionals on this foundation course, but we are teaching you to really understand the trim, whether you wish to trim your own horse or not.

The hands-on trimming element of the course will be carried out both online and via self-recorded assignments carefully guided by your HMIS instructor.

The aim of these live sessions is to help you form a plan to create a positive and long-lasting change for your horse’s health.

Certificate of completion

A certificate is awarded on successful completion of both parts of this foundation course in natural horse & hoof care.