Online Foundation Horse & Hoof Care Course - in 3 parts

Study the online foundation horse & hoof care course at home!

Using our dedicated learning platform, you can study all 3 parts of this course from home. This online course is designed for both owners and those who wish to go on to become pro trimmers, wherever you live in the world.


For owners and professionals to learn the foundation of natural horse & hoof care and maintenance trimming of the hoof

Key Features

3 parts, incorporating online lessons, assignments, and practical cadaver trimming

What's Included?

Overview of the online course

This online foundation course is divided into 3 parts, which you can pay for separately. This is tiered learning, so all 3 parts have to be taken consecutively – in other words, you have to complete each part before you can move on to the next part.

  • Part 1 – Natural horse & hoof care foundation – pre-recorded course (no practical or live sessions)
  • Part 2 – Your horse – live group & private sessions and pre-recorded content
  • Part 3 – Nature’s trim – Learning the foundation of trimming – live group workshops, private sessions and pre-recorded content
Self-study via online video lessons and assignments
Anatomy group session, plus private 1:1 sessions
Foundation cadaver trimming and online lessons

Part 1 - Self-study

This initial part of the foundation course in horse & hoof care, will focus on the natural horse, issues with pathology, and understanding nature’s trim.

This self-study introduction to the foundation of natural horse & hoof care consists entirely of pre-recorded content, so you can go through the lessons at your own pace.

You will be given access to a full course of online video and interactive lessons, delivered on our dedicated learning platform, where you can track your progress and converse with others on your course.


Part 2 - Live sessions

In this second part of the foundation course you will be invited to attend live online group and private sessions at a predetermined date, over a weekend.

You will also be given further pre-recorded content for more self-study at home. You will need a good internet connection so you can take full advantage of the live online sessions.

The group sessions will be led by the HMIS instructors, and during these sessions, and the 1:1 private sessions, you will get the opportunity to talk about your horse and any issues you have.

Part 3 - Trimming

The final part of this foundation course will be learning the basics of trimming, via live online group and private sessions, and pre-recorded content.

For this final part, you will be required to source 3 cadaver legs which you will use whilst learning the basics of nature’s trim. You will also need some basic trimming tools and protective clothing.

All information you need for this final part will be given to you when you book the weekend dates. This final part, as well as parts 1 & 2, are the pre-requisite if you wish to go on to train as a professional barefoot specialist.

Certificate of completion

A certificate is awarded on successful completion of this foundation course. Please note, this course is not designed to teach you to become a professional trimmer, if you wish to pursue a career a a barefoot specialist, you may then go on to our 2 year HMB Pro training program.