About the HMI School

School Summary

The Hoofing Marvellous International School of Horse & Hoof Care (HMIS) teaches owners and professionals throughout the world to practise naturally balanced barefoot horse and hoof care.

We provide courses to train barefoot specialists, and short workshops for owners and industry professionals wishing to learn more about the barefoot horse lifestyle.

Our courses are delivered both in-person and online, or a combination of the two. 

The school teaching staff are expert instructors who are qualified and experienced barefoot professionals, and have been teaching horse and hoof care throughout Europe for many years. The teaching staff are backed up by our admin team and mentors, offering student support throughout their time in the school.

Our Ethos

We know that keeping horses sound, healthy and barefoot is far more than a trim or a ‘method’. Barefoot success can only be achieved with a thorough understanding of how and why to implement a species-specific diet and management regime, complimenting the balanced trim based on nature’s own hoof.

Our Mission

To bring naturally balanced horse and hoof care to a global audience of horse owners. We are driven to inspire and educate, providing unparalleled value in our courses. We train individuals to help keep horses sound and barefoot, and to be strong role models, which will make a vast difference to the domestic equine world for years to come, leaving a legacy forever.

Our Vision

A world where equines in the domestic setting are treated and cared for naturally, barefoot and as species-specific as possible. Allowing horses and humans to exist in a world that is mutually beneficial to both, without compromising the welfare of the horse. We want all future horse owners everywhere to master the art of keeping horses sound, healthy and naturally balanced barefoot.

Experience & Values

  • We ensure that HMB Pros are fully rounded barefoot specialists who are able to consult with owners and other professionals not just regards trimming but also on the correct species-specific diet and management. Becoming successfully barefoot is far more than a trim or a ‘method’.
  • The HMI School Instructors have been in the barefoot world for over 30 years combined and therefore offer a wealth of equine experience, not just in hoof care, but also in horsemanship, diet and management.
  • We do not advocate nor teach any form of shoeing as we feel to become a true barefoot specialist you need to fully understand and embrace the benefits of nature’s hoof. Once you have experienced this, you will know that no shoe can ever be defined as ‘helpful’.
  • We are an international school and as such you will be part of a global community, sharing case-studies from around the world.