Teaching the art of keeping horses barefoot, healthy & sound

The Hoofing Marvellous International School of Horse & Hoof Care (HMIS) teaches owners and professionals throughout the world.

For over a decade we have been teaching naturally balanced barefoot horse & hoof care through our in-person events. Now we have expanded to use the power of online digital courses and e-books, enabling us to teach even more owners across the world.

Courses & Workshops

Horse & hoof care education for owners and professionals

Specialist Instructors

Qualified, experienced barefoot hoof care specialist instructors

Learning Platform

Dedicated online learning platform delivering pre-recorded lessons

"We are teaching naturally balanced horse and hoof care on a global scale. This has never been done before and the domestic horse deserves it!"

Online & In-Person Courses

We offer both online and in-person courses, as well as e-books, all about horse & hoof care. For both owners looking to gain more knowledge about the hoof, learning how to perform maintenance trims, and those wanting to train to become a licensed HM Barefoot Professional (HMB Pro). 

Becoming a HM Licensed Barefoot Professional (HMB Pro) is a serious undertaking not only to change your own life in positive and fulfilling ways, but also to improve the lives of our domestic equines and their owners in your part of the world.  We will teach you all the skills you need to become a professional barefoot specialist, consulting on diet and management, and performing nature’s trim. We will teach you how to handle horses and owners in all kinds of locations and situations.

Our very popular 3 day in-person foundation workshops are an introduction to natural horse & hoof care. The HMIS team tour the UK and occasionally parts of Europe every year. 

These workshops are the starting point to learn how to keep your horse barefoot and natural, and are ideal for owners and those who wish to go on and become pro trimmers. This workshop (or the online foundation course) is the pre-requisite to being accepted onto the HMB Pro course.

The online foundation horse & hoof care course can be studied at home using our dedicated learning platform. This online foundation course is designed for both owners and those who wish to go on to become pro trimmers. 

This course has been designed as tiered learning, so all 3 parts have to be taken consecutively – in other words, you have to complete each part before you can move on to the next part. This online course (or the in-person 3 day workshop) is the pre-requisite to being accepted onto the HMB Pro course.

‘The Hoof Uncovered’ course is a unique series of pre-recorded webinars, presented by HMIS instructor Lindsay Setchell, that takes you on a deep journey through every part of the horse’s hoof. You will have access to this course via our school platform.

There are 2 series, each consisting of 5 pre-recorded webinars and a bonus e-book. You’ll discover the biology, morphology and physiology of each part of the horse’s hoof.

*This e-book is in association with The Barefoot Horse Magazine, and covers the essentials for both barefoot horse owners, and those who are wanting to go barefoot.

The 8 chapters include:

1 – Can every horse go barefoot?
2 – How long does it take to transition?
3 – The difference between natural vs unnatural shaping
4 – Understanding the devastating effects of contraction
5 – Is concavity the be all and end all?
6 – Are the toes too long?
7 – My horse is developing flares!
8 – Using hoof boots and achieving that rock crunching barefoot horse

*This e-book is given free as a bonus with The Hoof Uncovered Series 2

*This e-book is in association with The Barefoot Horse Magazine, and looks at common issues with the horse’s hoof.

The 5 chapters include:

1 – Horizontal rings
2 – Red bruising
3 – Hoof cracks
4 – Contraction
5 – Thrush

*This e-book is given free as a bonus with The Hoof Uncovered Series 1


Mentor & Instructor Courses (HMB Pro)

Fully trained HMB Pros will have the opportunity of progressing to become an HMB Pro Mentor and then an Instructor. You will then be part of the HMI School team delivering events, webinars, workshops and general training, both virtually and at training camps.

Why Choose The HMI School?

Choosing the right course to train to become a barefoot specialist can seem overwhelming. There are now more and more courses available and it can be hard to discern which is the right barefoot training for you. At the HMI School we are proud of the breadth and wealth of experience, core values and principles that we offer compared to other courses.

"The 3 day horse & hoof care foundation workshop is great for people with any level of knowledge as HMIS Instructors build from the basics of the bones in the lower leg, up to the more intricate structures during a lower leg dissection. Not only was it informative and valuable to get ‘hands on’ practise trimming the cadavers (love to all the legs allowing us to learn to do better) it was great fun and I have made many friends for life. Highly recommend.”
Nicola Harris
HMB Pro Student