HM Licensed Barefoot Professional (HMB Pro)

Transforming Equine Care: Inspiring Change, Healing Horses, Elevating Careers

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Who will benefit?

  • For HMIS students who have completed the foundation course and want train to become a barefoot professional
  • For people who want an equine career

Key Features

  • 2 years of online study
  • Practical assignments
  • Case studies
  • Assessments, live sessions and tutorials

What's Included?

Our training camps will be held once a year in North America, Europe and Australia. These are a compulsory element of the 2 year training. A chance to meet up with your fellow students, share memories, have fun and excel your learning experience.

World class barefoot specialists

As a qualified HMB Pro you will be joining a network of international world class barefoot specialists with fulfilling and rewarding careers in the equine industry.

Overview of the HMB Pro training

A fully comprehensive training course covering all aspects of equine care, diet, management, anatomy and trimming – to become a barefoot specialist.

The full training course will be delivered over a period of 2 years, broken down into 4 levels, each containing 3 modules. Each module will be completed over a 2 month (8 week) period, with lessons each week, a practical assignment per module, and an end of module test and assessment.

These modules will be accessed online via a dedicated web learning platform. The online lessons will be further enhanced by virtual practical sessions both privately and in groups.

Fully licensed professional

Once you have finished your training, you will become a fully qualified licensed barefoot specialist (HMB Pro) with Hoofing Marvellous.

Being Licensed

During your time as a student in the school you will carry a photo card to prove your student status. This will be useful when building up your new clientele which we encourage you to do when you begin year 2. When you achieve the status of fully licensed HMB Pro you will have studied and completed a standard of education recognised by the HMI School, and your photo card will be updated to reflect your new level of qualification. Your HMB Pro license will remain active for as long as you are affiliated with Hoofing Marvellous, and will entail completing yearly continuing professional development (CPD), either online or in person, accompanied by a small payment of your annual dues.

Employment Status

As an HMB Pro you will be affiliated with Hoofing Marvellous but will be running your own business as a self-employed individual. During your course we will provide you with the information needed to deal with the financial aspects of owning and running your own business. You will learn how to deal with everyday tasks such as scheduling, invoicing, sourcing new clients, and record keeping. Even though you will ultimately be a self-employed individual, you will still be part of a global group and support network, ensuring that at no stage during your training or life as an HMB Pro will you ever feel isolated – we will be there for you as much or as little as you need.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

Engaging in CPD ensures that both the academic and practical qualifications delivered by the HMI School do not become out-dated or obsolete; allowing individuals to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ to ensure the HMB Pro standards are being upheld at all times.

CPD is also a great opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

Application Process

In order to be accepted onto the HMB Pro 2 year course, you will have to complete the Foundation Module first, either via the in-person 3 day workshops, or via the online foundation challenges.

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Mentor & Instructor Courses

Fully trained HMB Pros will have the opportunity of progressing to become an HMB Pro Mentor and then an Instructor. You will then be part of the HMI School team delivering events, webinars, workshops and general training, both virtually and at training camps.