The Hoof Uncovered

Discover the amazing world of the hoof!


  • For owners and professionals to get a better understanding of the equine hoof

Key Features

  • 2 series of pre-recorded webinars
  • 5 lessons in each series
  • bonus e-book in each series

What's Included?

Overview of the course

The horse’s hoof is a finely balanced feat of natural engineering. The more we understand about this incredible structure, the better it will make us all as horse owners.  

Go on a journey through the horse’s hoof, from the outer hoof wall, through each structure, all the way inside to the laminae and bones.

Find out how structure relates to function, and how every part of the hoof needs to work together to create a successful working hoof mechanism, to ensure optimum hoof health.

Part 1 – The White Line
Part 2 – The Hoof Wall
Part 3 – The Sole
Part 4 – The Bars, Frog, Heels & Digital Cushion
Part 5 – The Lateral Cartilages

*Bonus E-book: Understanding your horse’s hoof

Part 6 – The Laminae
Part 7 – P3, P2 & P1
Part 8 – The Navicular Bone & DDFT
Part 9 – Hoof Landings
Part 10 – The Natural Trim

*Bonus E-book: How to successfully go barefoot with your horse

Two Great E-Books On Horse & Hoof Care!*

*Free with The Hoof Uncovered Series

Title 1:
Understanding your horse's hoof

Looks at the common issues with the horse’s hoof and how to recognise them.

Title 2:
How to go successfully barefoot with your horse

Covers the essentials for both barefoot horse owners, and those wanting to go barefoot.