The Hoof Uncovered Series


‘The Hoof Uncovered’ is a unique series of pre-recorded webinars, presented by HMIS Instructor Lindsay Setchell, that takes you on a deep journey through every part of the horse’s hoof.

There are 2 series, each consists of 5 pre-recorded webinars and a bonus e-book.

Once purchased, your registration details to enter the school will be sent to you – you will then have access to your course.

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There are 2  course series, each consists of 5 pre-recorded webinars and a *bonus e-book.

You’ll discover the biology, morphology and physiology of each part of the horse’s hoof. As you go through the course, you will gain a thorough understanding of how each part of the hoof works, and be able to relate this to common hoof pathologies.

We recommend that you watch series 1 first, before you watch series 2.

Series 1:

Part 1 – The White Line
Part 2 – The Hoof Wall
Part 3 – The Sole
Part 4 – The Bars, Frog, Heels & Digital Cushion
Part 5 – The Lateral Cartilages

*Bonus E-book: Understanding your horse’s hoof

Series 2:

Part 6 – The Laminae
Part 7 – P3, P2 & P1
Part 8 – The Navicular Bone & DDFT
Part 9 – Hoof Landings
Part 10 – The Natural Trim

*Bonus E-book: How to successfully go barefoot with your horse

Directions to access your course: Once you’ve purchased ‘The Hoof Uncovered’, you will be sent the registration details explaining how to enter the HMIS school and view your course.

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The Hoof Uncovered Series

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